Servants at the Slytherin Academy are wizarding teens and young adults between sixteen and twenty-one who are either Muggleborn or who resisted entering the Slytherin Academy as students. Although many parents try to go into hiding to protect their children when they turn sixteen, the Death Eaters have a very efficient system for finding them. Once they are made servants their wands are taken and put under lock and key, and they have no legal rights and are unprotected. If they do not behave they will be disciplined, and in extreme cases, executed. Some are also occasionally killed by students practising Dark Magic. When the servants leave the Academy, if they do not accept a menial position offered to them by the Ruling Class they will either be forced into enslavement by one of the Higher Families, or imprisoned. Servants are allowed to breed, but their offspring will be taken in and raised by The Marvolo School.

Personal ServantsEdit

Many of the House Elves left Hogwarts when it initially closed down, having been loyal to Dumbledore and then to his next of kin, Aberforth, after his Death. Dolores Umbridge, Headmistress, managed to track down a few more, but there are nowhere near enough to keep the entire castle as spotless as it used to be, and they have no time to take care of the students. Older and more well-connected students may choose to be assigned a personal servant. These must clean and tidy-up after their masters, as well as deliver meals, fetch, carry and run errands. Some of the less lucky ones might be used for target practice or even sexual favours. The list goes on and on. Personal servants reside either in the dungeons or in an alcove of their student's room in order to provide even quicker service.

Unassigned ServantsEdit

Those servants who are unassigned must look after the castle in general by cleaning, mopping, brushing and dusting. Most will also be called upon occasionally for class ‘demonstrations’, which are never pleasant and can result in injury or death. Unassigned servants reside in the dungeons, where the Slytherin quarters used to be. They also may be asked to do errands for students who do not have personal servants.

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